A Look At The Our Lady of The Snow Society in Williamsbug and A Hero Who Helps Maintain Its Traditions

Last night, I traveled to Williamsburg, Brooklyn to visit the Our Lady of The Snow Society’s Hall on Graham Avenue. This pocket of East Williamsburg has been Italian since the late 1800’s. The society just celebrated its 130th Feast Day of Our Lady of The Snow this past August 5th. Needless to say, this is […]

The Oldest Italian Feast in New York City’s Manhattan: Saint Rocco Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow

By: Raymond Guarini Introduction As the feast season is upon us, one must look at one of the oldest living feasts in New York City and the oldest in Manhattan, the upcoming feast of Saint Rocco. A preservationist’s dream, the feast of Saint Rocco maintains uninterrupted for 129 years due to the vigilance and devotion […]

The Sacred Questua Procession And The Dancing Of The Giglio in 2018; Musica, Uaglio, Aizati I Spalli, Aggiet!

For almost 120 years, the Dance of The Giglio has been a tradition in many Italian American neighborhoods in the United States. Today, as Italians have become more assimilated into American society, the tradition has been narrowed to only four “lifts.” In Brooklyn, for instance, over the last 118 years, 120 men have endured the […]

Memorial Day 2018 : Photos From The Memorials Dedicated to Fallen Italian American Soldiers

Memorial Day 2018 And How We Remember Our Fallen Ancestors Although Memorial Day has passed, the actual memorials of many Italian Americans who bravely served our country proudly stand day-after-day in various places throughout the United States. The photos in this post depict most of the memorials that I have encountered in various Italian neighborhoods […]

A Young Italian Woman From Brooklyn Uses Song To Sooth Her Patients’ Disabilities And Her Own

Introduction One of the benefits to managing the Italian Enclaves Social Media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and blog, aside from traveling to some very interesting places, is that it affords me the chance to meet spectacular people. Occasionally, I try to shed light on individuals of Italian descent who are making extraordinary contributions to society. […]

Le Tavole di San Giuseppe: Featured From Various Italian Enclaves In North America

By: Raymond Guarini The Feast of San Giuseppe Most Italian communities across North America are immersed in their heritage as we rapidly approach Palm Sunday and Easter during this Lenten season. A big part of experiencing Italian tradition is rooted in the Catholic faith and that is precisely why younger generations should always know “why”  […]

Halfway Into Lent And The CETTO Family : Christmas Easter Thanksgiving Texting Only

As we arrive at the halfway point of the Lenten season, many of us have had the opportunity to reflect and most importantly, reconcile ourselves with God by performing penance for our sins. All Christians are taught that they should give up something for Lent and most do make a sacrifice of some sort. People […]

An Italian American Teacher, An Old Italian Enclave And An Example of Paying It Forward

Introduction Our society lacks unique examples that showcase the beauty of human nature. We are usually inundated with retweets or re-posts from the same handful of people and stories that society has installed as examples of what we ought to be. Often these people are celebrities or sports figures who are relatively detached from our […]